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We are an early stage investment group specialising in DeFi, Acceleration and Growth.

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“Aligning foresight with upside”

Llama Ventures is an investment group of influencers, developers, designers, blockchain consultants, DeFi advisors, attorneys and founders with expertise in all aspects of running a business in the crypto industry.

We Provide

llama ventures help with business development

Business Development

Millions of followers aren’t everything when all you want is to get in front of the one person that matters. Through our vast network of contacts at various protocols, we can help you reach the people that truly matter when it comes to partnerships and business development.

llama ventures provides capital deployment

Capital Deployment

As early investors in the crypto space, we do not need to seek third-party funding for any of our venture investments and unlike pool groups and on-chain DAOs, we can move quickly to execution by utilising our in-house team of experts.

llama ventures collaboration


We can assist on every step of your journey, from strategising to tokenomics and distribution models to code reviews and launch strategies and other tasks necessary for the initial growth of the project.

llama ventures marketing expertise


We can help with growth by offering multi-channel marketing for portfolio companies across social media channels. We have almost 1.5 million follower reach on Twitter and almost 3 million on YouTube, making our influencer network one of the most valuable assets of early stage products.


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